Ghosts of New Harmony Indiana


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As we get older, our mental lists of friends and acquaintances contain more and more dead people. Maybe, that’s why old people see so many ghosts. I frequently see ghosts. Usually, they are in my head, but sometimes I bump into them on the street.

Sometimes, I bump into these ghosts on the street, while ………………. 

………………………………………..   I’m walking around in my head.

Strolling around New Harmony, either in person or in my head, I frequently bump into the ghosts of Doc Ropp,  Jane Owen, Marion Cleveland, Leo Simmons, Kenneth Woods, Roy Hyatt, Coxie, Charlie Pendle, Ma Richards, Beryl Hungate, Carl Bryant, Herbie Hardy, I.J. Dart, William Cox, Frankie Parrot, Edmund Smyth, Eddie Yancy, George Ford, and other lively specters.

Just the other evening, late at night, along toward morning, I saw Jane Owen zip past me on her golf cart on Main St, near the Town Clock. She held her hat on with one hand, turned to me, smiled, and said, “Always treat your fellow creatures with respect. We are all children of the same family.  And, always be as good, as you are able.”  And then, she waved and was gone into the night again.

I will keep you posted on any other spectral messages, I happen to receive from the ghosts of New Harmony.

Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony, Indiana 


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