Tuesday 22nd January 2019

GOP Puppy


I served eight years active duty in the US Army, with fifteen months of that in a combat unit in Vietnam. Those are my credentials for an opinion on military rifles. The AR military weapons are designed for only one purpose, and that one purpose is to kill human beings.  The AR’s are military rifles. They are not made for hunting, and they are not made for playing games. They are specifically designed for killing human beings.

State Sen Jim Tomes of Wadesville tells me, these AR military rifles are needed by all Americans. Sen Tomes gives two reasons for this:  #1 Protection from crime.  #2 for use in overthrowing the federal government, when Sen Tomes and his “patriot” friends think that is necessary.

If you think I am making this up, call Sen Tomes and ask him. He is not bashful about his opinions, and his phone number is 812 985

Those two misguided points are the whole GOP argument for protecting gun manufacturers from civil suits and criminal charges.  And, for taking an obscene amount of money from the gun manufacturers.  Ask US Senator Todd Young and Congressman Larry Bucshon how much money they have taken from gun manufacturers through the NRA. I think you would be shocked.

In my opinion, if you want to protect yourself from government tyranny, you should read a history book and educate yourself. And, if you want to protect yourself from crime, you should double the minimum wage and pass Medicare coverage for all. Nobody benefits from the spread of military weapons EXCEPT those who sell military weapons.

If, you think, an armed rebellion against the US government, is part of the legitimate political process, you are a sick puppy.


Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony, Indiana

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