Grim Reaper in New Harmony


Grim Reaper in New Harmony

I have to question whether that old reaper is all that grim or not. Death seems pretty natural to me, and it is shared by all creatures including all humans. I have been present at a few deaths, and spoken with folks who were present at other deaths. Although I will note, that no central figure in any of these deaths has ever yet reported back to me. 

Some people go out screaming in terror. But, others embrace death with a ………………………………………..


…………………………………………….. warm smile.  

I think the difference is mostly determined by two factors. One is pain. Folks who go out in great physical pain are naturally apt to scream a bit. I think the other determining factor in how one passes on is preparation for the event or lack there of.  People who gave thought a lot about death usually are better prepared. 

I think about death a lot. When I was younger, I felt it was important to be macho and face death like a man. Or, like a woman as the case may be. But, now late in life, that no longer seems important. The Hell with a bunch of silly macho.

My death goal has now become to go out with dignity and comfort. Remaining calm certainly is more dignified and comfortable than going out kicking and screaming. I also hope to thwart the GOP, by smoking a little weed as I go out the door. 

I also now try think of death as a great adventure. No one knows what happens to us after we die. Do we just become compost and return to the earth as insentient matter? Or, does our consciousness some how survive? And, if our consciousness DOES survive, what form will it take? These are all intriguing questions, maybe the only questions really worth thinking about. 

I am OK with whatever happens after death. If, I go back into the soil, I look forward to eternal nothingness. What could be more peaceful?  But, if my consciousness DOES go on after death, what a wonderful adventure to find out, at first hand, what really happens.

I can hardly wait to see what happens. Or, not see, as the case may be. 

Ron Nesler posting from the edge of the grave in New Harmony, Indiana


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