Growing Figs in New Harmony Indiana


People are surprised, that I am able to grow    FIGS  here in New Harmony Indiana. I grow a variety of cold tolerant fig called a Chicago Hardy. They flourish here in Posey County. They grow like a weed. And, all of mine have produced figs on the first or second year, after they were STARTED FROM A CUTTING.  I started my first ones in 2007, and I have had figs every year since 2008. A couple of times, they have frozen completely back to the ground, but when that has happened, they always have ……………….

………………………………….sprang back up from the roots and produced figs on new growth that same year. I am usually willing to provide free cuttings from my figs, for folks who live in or around New Harmony, Indiana. If you are local and would like a start of a cold hearty fig let me know.

Growing your own food is a wonderful way to NOT support the Monsanto Hamburger Industrial  Complex. I encourage it.


Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony, Indiana

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