Hobbies For Old Men


As I’ve gone through life, I have acquired and abandoned quite a number of different hobbies. The first hobby I picked up as a teenager was self destructive alcohol consumption. I loved that, and I stuck with it from thirteen years old up until about half way between my 36th and 37th birthdays, when I gave it up and and moved on.

I was committed to self destructive alcohol consumption, but as the name itself implies, if you really truly apply yourself to it, fully and whole wholeheartedly, as I surely did, it will eventually …………..

…………………………………………..  culminate in your demise. I gave it up just short of that.


Since I cut loose of self destructive drinking, I have gone through the various hobbies of reading history and literary fiction, writing essays, catfish fishing, trout fishing, bow and arrow fishing for the wily carp, high states poker, full time RVing, gardening, blogging and being a general pain in the ass for stupid and or greedy people, I stumble across.

These hobbies have all given me a lot of pleasure, and I like to think, they have kept my brain agile and my cognitive ability pretty much above the average.   

But, as I get older, I find, that I have to give up more and more of my activities, simply because of physical inability to do them. Trout fishing, full time RVing and bow and arrow fishing for carp are all in my past now.  I still play a little poker, but not with the same carefree reckless abandon I once had, because, I now recognize a responsibility to pass a little substance along to my descendants. Being responsible is a real buzz killer for a poker player. 

I still occasionally go cat fishing, but when I do, I now need my trusty stepson to act as guide and life guard. I intend to keep reading history and literary fiction on into my dotage. And, blogging and essay writing remain within my capabilities. But, just today, I decided to give up gardening.

I have a garden property in Griffin, and today I went there to try to plant some late season beans and corn and squash and chard. But, the heat was oppressive and the crab grass and weeds have overwhelmed both me and my little garden.

I sat up there at Griffin at a little patio table and sipped on a thermos of coffee, and decided, there is no longer any joy in sweating and getting dirty in a completely hopeless effort to fight back the crab grass. 

I’m going to ask my son to mow over my pitiful effort at a garden. Then, I am going to replace the vegetable garden with an expansion of a small orchard, I started a few years ago, and put in a dozen grape vines and a second big long row of thornless blackberries. Because, fruit and nut trees and grape vines and blackberry canes can be kept neat and orderly by MOWING AROUND THEM. And, I can enjoy looking at them and get a little yield from them, without ever touching a tiller or a rake or hoe.

Henceforth, I will BUY by fresh garden veggies from someone younger and more able than myself and let garden work go straight to Hell. While, I read a good book and blog a little and torment as many stupid and or greedy people as possible.

Ron Nesler Posting From New Harmony, Indiana

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