Tuesday 21st May 2019

Horrible Insult To WW II Veterans


Horrible Insult To WW II Veterans


wwii-vet-20151103__alj-veterans-1106-011I received a document from a reader, they say it was copied from a Face Book post, which has since been deleted by the poster. Here is what it said:

"The boomer generation was raised by a group of men who saved the world. That group of 18-24 year old men also likely raped or molested thousands of European & Asian women along the way."


Here is a link to the  THE ENTIRE POST  as supplied to this web site. Read these words, and in a multiple choice quiz, tell me, WHO do you think posted this foul insult to WW II veterans?

A. Donald Trump …………..

B. Benedict Arnold …..

C. Hanoi Jane Fonda   ………. 

D. Tokyo Rose …..

E. A local Republican candidate for Posey County Council at Large

It was my intention to vote for this young candidate, but I won't now. I am too young to have served in WW II, but I can testify that I served 15 months in the Vietnam war, without ever raping anyone. Or stealing or lying either for that matter. Almost ALL of my fellow soldiers can say the same thing. This privileged young man is a perfect example of why we need to go back to mandatory military service for ALL in this nation. As it is now, the poor and working class carry all the burden of our wars, and the privileged young  "elites" are protected from serving and lack any clue of what war or military service is like. They need to learn, if they want to drive the bus.


Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony Indiana.



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