How I am. I am wrongly (and somewhat comically) inclined to the notion, that I can noticeably affect cosmic change by exposing earthly assholes for what they truly are.

When, I see bullies, thugs, con men, liars and human predators, such as …………….


……………………………………. Donald Trump and David Campbell, I have the delusion, that if I will just explain to ordinary people the truth about these evil monsters, then the ordinary people will rise up, in their own self interest, and throw off these predators.

I’ve been this way since birth, at least. And, repeated, total, unrelieved failures in this regard have not weakened the inclination. I plod on.

How I ought to be.  I have known many wise people in my lifetime. Good folks from many different paths of spirituality. I have even listened attentively to some of them. At the heart of the message from all of these spiritual elders are pretty much the same ideas. 

In no particular order:   #1 There is a God, and it is not me.  #2 God is always transmitting, I must be quiet to receive. #3 Evil will always be among us, learn to accept this, but don’t lay down for it.  #4 Why is none of my business #5 My job is to do my work well and to not harm other creatures.  #6 Without truth there is no harmony, because they’re the same thing. #7 The evil ones only have power at the most shallow surface of life, so if we don’t live our lives at that shallow level, we’re immune to them. # 8 We all have the ability to know good from evil, that’s no big secret #9 No good will come from building a house with a flat roof. I plod on.


Or, am I trudging? Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony Indiana


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