The fascists turn both ignorance and knowledge against ordinary people, by ……….



………………………..  not allowing wisdom or spirituality a seat at the table.   

Humanity knows ignorance is our enemy through thousands of years of history and bitter experience. Ignorance has clearly and repeatedly brought us death, suffering, wars, slavery, disease, and disaster. Most of us have absorbed that fact of life. 

But, as America becomes more and more fascist, even knowledge is being used against us by the evil doers.

This is done by redefining knowledge as only that that can be proved arithmetically by the tallying up of corporate profit and loss sheets. 

For actual human people, knowledge is a lot more than arithmetic and tallying profit or loss.  

Unlike the fascists, humanity as a whole counts as knowledge our conscience, which tells us right from wrong, and our intuition, which tells us, among other important things,  that there is a creator. Any of us, except the very most damaged among us, knows the difference between right and wrong, it can’t be tallied up by accountant, but we know the difference, it is written in to our human software. Even politicians, such as Trump and Franklin Graham, know that difference. That is why they use such bombast, noise and lying to cover up and obscure the wrong they do. 

When I look around myself, my intuition makes it clear to me, that there is a creator. How else, would I explain the stars, the infinite universe, the slow tendency of mankind to edge ever closer to justice, the mysteries of morel mushrooms, or the migration of tiny little baby turtles from the sandy hatching  place to the water?  Without positing a creator, I can find no explanation for any of that or for a heck of a lot more, that I see. 

The fascists insist, that only THEY can tell you right from wrong, and that ordinary people must stifle our consciences, our hearts and minds and dance to their profane tune. The only creator the fascists admit to is the one they INVENTED, a custom made fascist creator, who takes his orders from Trump and Franklin Graham and Mike  Pence and Erick Holcomb.

As for me, I call BALONEY on these dictatorial fascist political contrivances, and that’s ALL they are is political.

I am a human person endowed by my creator with certain inalienable rights,  and I intend to stand pat on that. Among my inalienable rights are life liberty, conscience and freedom from having a phony, fascist contrived religion forced down my throat.     

Ron Nesler a free man in New Harmony Indiana




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