Good ol’ Dave Campbell is running for Town Board again. The last time Campbell was on the town board, he used the power of his position to …………



………………………………………………  lease town owned property to a close friend at what appeared to be far less than going market value.  Campbell did this in secret, without it being discussed in an open town meeting as was required by Indiana state law. 

Then, when questioned under oath about this in a court deposition, he denied, under oath, signing or even knowing about the Town’s lease of property to his close friend.

The deposing attorney and prosecutor then confronted Campbell with a copy of the signed lease with his and only his signature on the lease signing for the town. When confronted with his signature, he indicated, that he must have automatically signed it without knowing what it was. That defense would make him a fool, which in my view, is worse than being a crook. 

Within days of this revelation of law breaking, or buffoonery as Campbell claimed under oath, the lease was backdated and the monthly lease payment doubled to put Campbell in a better light.

But, regardless of increasing the payment amount on the lease, Campbell used the powers of a King to create and sign the lease, without complying with state law to first have a discussion in an open town board meeting. The reason for the state law requiring the open meeting on leases, is to prevent just exactly what Campbell did.

Here is the court deposition in which Campbell denied, under oath, doing what he had done, until confronted with a copy of the lease with his and only his signature appearing for the town.


Town board records confirm, that Campbell signed this lease completely on his own, without adhering to the state law requiring it first be discussed in an open PUBLIC meeting, so that citizens and taxpayers, may know how their money and property is being managed.

Please don’t allow what I say to convince you, that Campbell is a liar, a scofflaw, a bully, a buffoon and a petty crook. Read his own sworn testimony, given under oath in a court proceeding, and then decide for yourself.

Ron Nesler posting for the honest ordinary people of New Harmony



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