Is Trump a tax cheat? Let us review the bidding.

Trump cheated many very poor people, who were desperate for jobs with his scam “university,” and the courts made him give the money back. He cheated war vets with a fake charity in our names, and again the courts made him return the money.

He has admitted cheating on ………………. 








…………………………………. all three wives, which means he was also cheating on the children of those marriages. 

He cheated at least one prostitute, Stormy Daniels, out of her fee, and she took him to court and got her money.

Lindsey Graham, who is at least Trump’s best buddy, and rumored to have an even more intimate relationship with Trump, than just best buddy, says Trump cheats at golf. Trump’s niece sued Trump and won, because he cheated her of her inheritance from her father. Trump’s sister, a retired federal judge calls him a psychopathic liar, who ALWAYS cheated at any childhood games.

He cheated the Vietnam draft, so that I had to serve his tour in Vietnam for him. He frequently brags about cheating to get into and through college.

How on earth could you possibly get the wild idea, that Trump might cheat on his taxes?


Ron Nesler Posting From New Harmony, Indiana

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