My most recent previous post was called “REFLECTIONS.” And, it’s topic more or less was how honest we are in both our self perceptions and our perceptions of others. 

I was interested in that topic because I was reading THE CONFESSIONS, a memoir by Jean Jacques Rousseau. A book in which Rousseau claimed, he was totally honest about all of his virtues as well as all of his flaws and faults. The paper or electronic edition of the Confessions is available on AMAZON 

I have finished the book and ………….









………………………………………… my opinions of Rousseau have been on a roller coaster ride. 

When I started the book, my first thoughts were about how similar his thought processes and emotions were to my own, and he came off to me as a sympathetic figure. Then about half way through, I decided Rousseau was a paranoid monster with whom I had ZERO in common. Then toward the end of the Confessions, Rousseau became a major underdog and the victim of religious zealots and politicians, and I began to find myself sympathetic towards him again.

So, bottom line, I am pretty much conflicted about my sympathies for old Jean Jacques. But, I am willing to read more books by or about him and try to hash it out. I am going to look for one of his books called The Social Contract , now. So, I like my position vis a vis Rousseau better than that of my several cousins, who don’t even know who the Hell he was.  Or care. 

Ron Nesler Posting From New Harmony, Indiana






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