Jim Tomes vs God and Planet


I draw your attention to proposed Indiana Senate Bill 73 which, if passed into law, would ……….


.……………………… PREVENT Hoosier citizens from anonymously reporting intentional environmental damage by big corporations.

As the law stands, Hoosiers can anonymously report environmental crimes by such entities as DOW Chemical or BIG OIL companies or other wrong doers, thus avoiding retribution from these big unlawful corporations. 

Senate Bill SB 73 brought forward by State Senator Jim Tomes of Wadesville, would force  the little person reporting environmental crimes to reveal her/his name, address and phone number to the criminal corporation being complained ABOUT.  

In what way does this help Hoosiers? 

Tomes is an enemy of not only human people, but also the enemy of God and of the planet.

This is the same guy, who says his Wadesville militia group has a God given “right” to own and use any weapon used by the U.S. Army or U.S. Marine Corps.

He is also the State Senator, who has repeatedly said, he will never, ever under any circumstance cast a Senate vote in favor of MEDICAL MARIJUANA for INDIANA.  

Ask him, he will tell you that straight out. Tomes is mentally deficient and unbalanced, but he is not shy in talking about his nutty ideas.  


Ron Nesler, an ordinary human person,  posting from New Harmony Indiana


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