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Thirty states now have legal medical marijuana. Here’s a list of the legal marijuana states.

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

I know people in some of those legal marijuana states. Several of whom I served with during my eight years of US Army service, which incidentally included 15 months in a combat unit in the Vietnam war.

I have chronic pain, from conditions directly connected to my military service. The conditions I have are common among ex Army vets and some are specific to Vietnam war vets. 

These conditions are acknowledged to be connected to military service by the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Some of the ex soldiers I know, who live in legal marijuana states, have the same conditions and the same chronic pain I have. Because, they live in one of the 30 legal marijuana states, they are prescribed marijuana and marijuana extracts for pain.

Everyone I know, who is prescribed marijuana for pain, reports that……..

………………… works very well.

Because I live in Indiana, here are the choices I face:

#1. I can suffer without any relief from pain, which I do much of the time.

#2. I can use massive amounts of over the counter pain killers, which are toxic to the human liver and do myself long term harm and shorten my life. I do this a great part of the time.

#3. I can get a prescription for highly addictive (and highly profitable) opioid pain pills sold by the pharmaceutical corporations and risk addiction. I do this sometimes, but I greatly fear the addictive qualities of these dangerous pills. I use them as a very last resort, maybe half of a dozen times per month.

#4. I could buy and use illegal marijuana. That option is very tempting, when the pain is bad. And, illegal marijuana is surely easily available all around me. But, I don’t do that. Because, at my age, I refuse to subject myself to being shackled and jailed and dragged into court, as if I were a criminal of some sort. I am not a criminal, I am an old soldier, who hurts most of the time.

Marijuana’s efficacy for treatment of pain, depression, PTSD, high blood pressure, epilepsy and many other conditions is medical fact.  From my own experiences with both, I observe that marijuana is far less harmful than tobacco or alcohol. And, it is non addictive either physically or psychologically.  Best of all, marijuana will grow like a weed, if you are allowed by politicians to plant it in your garden.

When will Indiana join the civilized world on this issue?

Ron Nesler posting for Radio Free New Harmony, Indiana





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