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29 DEC 2018


I live in New Harmony, Indiana by choice. I am retired and not totally impecunious, and I can live pretty much where, I want to live. I choose New Harmony, Indiana, because ………

……………………………………………………… because the quality of life here is high, if you know how to live well. New Harmony is very quiet, which allows for peaceful sleep and serene spiritual reflection and study.  The air pollution here is pretty bad. But, the Wabash river is not as badly polluted as many US rivers. I am comfortable eating fish from the Wabash, two or three meals per month. The soil here, where protected from farm chemicals, is amazingly fertile. I have fruit and nut trees and a garden in both New Harmony and Griffin.

Without noticeable effort, I produce pecans, hickons, walnuts, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, figs, turnips, sweet potatoes, asparagus, tomatoes, green beans, Lima beans, grapes,  cherries, plums, sweet corn, radishes, onions and about a dozen different varieties of leafy greens. Twelve months out of the year, I have some food, I have produced myself. I am able to trade for and/or purchase from friends free range eggs, chickens, rabbits, pork and a regular supply of natural cows’ milk. Occasionally some kind person gifts me some venison or a couple of dressed squirrels.  Most of our shopping is done at garage sales and thrift stores.

So for Suzanne and me, New Harmony is a place, where we can live in peace and be about as far off of the Mansanto/DOW Chemical grid as possible for people our age. Here is a link to the article, that caused my thoughts to drift in this direction. —> THE ISLAND of IKARIA

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