Liz Cheney, Derek Chauvin and Mike Braun


Liz Cheney says the GOP can ………



………………………………………  turn the corner away from Trumpism and save itself from extinction by openly, vocally and quickly rejecting the violent extremist groups that attacked the U.S. Capitol.

I agree, question is can GOP leadership find the courage to do break their addiction to incindiary rabble rousing? We’ll see.

The problem for the GOP politicians is that many of them, such as  Sen Mike Braun of Indiana, have built 6their entire public persona around hateful nativism, isolationism and them against us demonization of poor people and minorities. Remember, Braun was in D.C., among the protesters, looking for votes the day the Capitol was stormed. So how does he now convincingly condemn violence he was instrumental in stirring? I suggest he start out by admitting his error and apologizing.

But, that level of honest contrition seems unlikely for Braun and other radical extremist Trumpers, when you notice that, they have already jumped to the defense of convicted white supremacist murderer Jeffrey Chauvin, and are trying to make him a martyr and hero of the white supremacist movement.

Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony Indiana

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