Friday 22nd March 2019

Longevity vs Irony


Up until age 37, when I sobered up, I drank alcohol excessively, and that’s actually a massive understatement .  The truth is, I was never intentionally sober from age 26 until age 37. If being sober had been against the law in those years, the worst thing with which I could have been charged would have been attempted sobriety. Until I was age 42, I was a four to five pack per day cigarette smoker. Up until about age 60, I was an enthusiastic consumer of refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, processed carbohydrates, corn syrup, hydrogenated fats,  chemical preservatives and biscuits and gravy. For much of my life a Coca Cola and a bag of potato chips combo was health food dining, compared to my normal diet.  During my military career, I was one of those guys on the ground in Vietnam, who was sprayed with Agent Orange, plus we ate unidentifiable stuff out of cans dated for the Korean war. I have worked on oil rigs, when, in order to increase oil flow, we injected stuff so toxic into the wells, that the names of the chemicals were kept secret from the workers.

I am 70 now, and I have cancer in remission, COPD, osteo arthritis, type two diabetes and a lot of QOL residuals from cancer treatment. I am not whining about my health. As a matter of fact, I am happier and more content right now, than I ever have been in my life.  Life is good, I like it, and want to hang around as long as I can.

At 70, I have taken a serious interest in eating right, keeping clean habits and regular hours and consuming as little industrial waste as possible. I am getting a late start, but whether I live longer or not, I feel better on a daily basis. Now, I suppose,  in the interest of the irony of the universe, I will probably be run over by a truck or shot by an NRA member within the week.

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

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