Friday 22nd March 2019

Losing home and dignity to corporations


Medicare is single payer government managed health insurance. Medicare works. Medicare recipients love Medicare, because the coverage saves us from losing our homes (and dignity) to medical bills. Providers like Medicare, because Medicare pays the bills on time with little hassle. Ask your doctor, I’ve asked mine.

In ANY health insurance system,

the more people paying into the plan, the more efficient and financially viable (and cheaper) the insurance system becomes.

With Medicare for all, we would have a huge pool of insured paying in, meaning much lower premiums than with our current for profit insurance.  We would also eliminate the cost of corporate profits and golden pay plans and huge yachts for insurance executives.

Medicare for all is the “public option” that corporate backed Republicans blocked from becoming part of Obama Care.

With Medicare for all, we could write finished to suffering without medical care, in order  to try to avoid bankruptcy and humiliation from medical bills.

With Medicare for all, more unemployed people would be free to work or run a small business, without the threat of losing their welfare health coverage. We all know people, who can’t afford to work, because they would lose their  welfare medical coverage.  That is insane, it penalizes employment.

Condemning sick people to suffer without medical care or to lose their homes to medical bills is not Godly, it is not humane, it is not civilized, it is not conservative, it is not American.  And, it is not practical.


Ron Nesler posting from the moral high ground in New Harmony, Indiana

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