Mind and body are pretty damn closely connected. I have chronic knee pain. It sort of comes and goes, often it becomes mild enough to sort of forget it is there. But sometimes it rages up to a level of severity, I can only describe as elegantly excruciating. I just went through a two week plus siege of the E.E. level of pain. But, sometime during the night ………





…………………………………. the pain dropped off to the barely noticeable level. I woke up refreshed, realizing first that the pain had abated, and then that I  had been on a deep sleep for the first time in weeks.

After, I got up and had a cup of coffee, I also realized, that a deep mental depression I had been experiencing had also lifted. The world no longer seemed totally hopeless and, while not exactly personally joyful, I could see that joy did at least exist in the universe. It did not require rocket science for me to connect the two changes. The simple fact is, while not all emotional and mental depression is a direct result of physical pain, physical pain is one of the things that can throw a person into the dark uglies of depression. (I’m stealing the term dark uglies from our old drinking and fishing buddy Ernest Hemingway.)  

Once the pain lifted, I immediately felt better emotionally. That may seem pretty obvious to some, and I have always known, this connection exists, but I never witnessed such an immediate example of the tie between physical pain and depression. Anyhow, for anyone who might give a crap, I feel better in all respects. 

Disclaimer: A  little voice in the back of my mind is whispering over and over the term “terminal euphoria” to me, but I am going to ignore it and enjoy feeling good for a change.

Ron Nesler Posting From New Harmony, Indiana

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