missed lesson


Lesson of the Vietnam and Afghan wars is ……………



………………………..that no occupying Army can ever defeat a popular indigenous insurgency fighting to protect its own culture, its own homes, families and way of life.¬† Twenty years of trying to force ourselves down the throats of the Afghan people has reaffirmed the bloody hard won lesson of Vietnam.

We fought the Vietnamese and Afghans to feed our national ego and corporate bank accounts, while the Vietnamese and Afghans fought back, to defend their homes, culture, families, and way of life.

That same lesson could be applied here at home. Right now, right here inside America, 250 years after the Southern Slavocracy was defeated in the US Civil war, the lily White Trumpist culture warriors are still trying to deny full citizenship and and full justice to their Black brothers and sisters.¬† It won’t ever work, for the same reason these same imperialist culture warriors were never able to subjugate the Vietnamese and Afghan people.

The Trumpist culture warriors are fighting to subjugate the Blacks in order to feed their own sick egos and fatten their corrupt bank accounts. Black brothers and sisters, on the other hand, are fighting back in order to defend their homes, their families, their access to justice, and their human dignity.

The Trumpers don’t stand a chance to crush the spirit of the American Blacks, and for exactly the same reason, they couldn’t crush the spirits of the Vietnamese or Afghan people. People just don’t give up when backed into an existential corner, and all people are brothers and sisters. Our survival as a civilization depends¬† on the Trumpers finally absorbing this simple but profound lesson.

Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony Indiana

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