Friday 20th October 2017



I'm 70 my next birthday, and I don't seem to have learned anything. The whole damn world's still a mystery to me. And even more so on days like today, when I feel like I'm drowning in greed, stupidity and cruelty all around me. Maybe I'm just blue, because my wife has been gone on a trip, and I have been alone. Or maybe it's because of reading articles about a particularly horrible crime against a helpless handicapped person, which has been in the local news for months. Or maybe I am chemically unbalanced. At any rate, I am having the dark uglies today, and the world makes no sense at all. I have gone outside in the sunshine and got a moderate bit of exercise, but I still can't snap out of it.

Here are some things I don't understand, and that really bum me out.

I just read that our government admits killing over 1000 innocent civilians, mostly children and babies, with bombs in just the past 30 days. What the hell could we possibly be fighting for or about, that would justify such monsterous evil? I don't get it, and it makes me ill just to try to understand it. Someone is truly insane, either me or the people who think this is OK.

I also read that we have elected a president, who is up to his chin in involvement with Russian organized crime. This overwhelms me. The Russian Mafia is the most powerful force for evil on the planet. They control the Russian government, and therefore much of the world. Is there any limit to the harm they are willing to inflict on innocent people to get what they want? They have trillions of dollars and life and death power over millions of people, what more do they want? Ordinary humans just want to feed and protect their children and live in peace. I don't understand the political class, why nothing is ever enough for evil people. 


And to name one more thing, which I do not understand, after decades of inching towards sanity in our American cannibas laws, we now have a US attorney General, who wants to reverse course, and put even more innocent human beings in cages for smoking or ingesting an innocent herb. Haven't we suffered enough with this anti marijuana bull shit? We have jailed innocent people, destroyed lives and families and bred utter disrespect for the law. Now after all of these decades of slow progress towards sanity regarding pot, we suddenly have a racist, bigoted, big eared, ignorant, asshole US Attorney General, who wants to turn back the clock and cause more suffering among more innocent Americans. I could just sit down and cry. 

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