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No dearth of decent Literary Fiction



26 Dec 2018


I started reading,  before I ever started school. I don’t know how I learned to read. I don’t remember ever not being able to read. 

I read daily and a lot. 

Among the things I read are ………………………….

                                                                                      ……………………   literary fiction, novels, short stories, detective stories, history, biographies, the Christian Bible, the Koran, some 7th Day Adventist publications, the Salvation Army Watchtower, UFO reports, scientific and medical journals, Blogs, newspapers, magazines, on line political journals, humor, conspiracy theories and almost any other printed matter. 

 What I read the most is  literary fiction. I devour tons of literary fiction both novels and short stories. 

When I was young, I used to worry, that I would finally read every scrap of literary fiction ever written. And that then, I would be out of good reading material for the rest of my life. And, would be reduced to reading romance novels, comic books or Rush Limbaugh articles.

But, I’m in my seventies now, and there is more good literary fiction to read, than I will ever be able to even scratch the surface of before I drift off into the ether.

Now, I wonder, where in the Hell does all this decent reading material come from?  Adam Smith’s invisible hand of the market, certainly can’t explain it, because most of the best stuff I read, clearly has had no commercial success or even any potential for commercial success.

If we read fiction, even if we are pretty picky about literary value,  which I like to think I am, there is no possible way for one human being to read their way through all of the decent fiction written in their life time. And, not one decent fiction writer out of a thousand actually earns a living writing. You can look that up.

I think it says something pretty damn flattering about the human race, that writers keep producing this flood of good literary fiction, without any financial reward.

Ron Nesler Posting From New Harmony, Indiana


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