The Evansville Courier Press recently published my LETTER TO THE EDITOR concerning medical marijuana for disabled Hoosier combat war vets and for Hoosier cancer patients. 

As a result of that letter, I received …………….

…………………………………………………..  numerous contacts. All of the contacts were supportive. Two of the contacts were from staffers for members of the Hoosier legislature. Those two contacts were enormously educational. 

It turns out, three people in Indiana government, have used procedural tricks to prevent medical marijuana from even getting voted on in the Hoosier legislature. Not only do these three people, oppose medical marijuana for war vets and cancer patients, but they won’t even allow a vote on the issue in our legislature. 

Why? You might as, as I have, will they not allow an up or down vote? Polls show that a large majority of Hoosier voters support legal medical marijuana. The legislative staffers, who contacted me, assured me that most Hoosier legislators would vote yes for some sort of legal marijuana bill, especially for war vets. Why is it denied a vote?

I was told, the reason is that Governor Holcomb is heavily politically invested in protecting dangerous, harmful opiate medications, and not allowing harmless medical marijuana to interfere in the monopoly. that the manufacturers of the opiates presently enjoy in Indiana. 

The three politicians in Indianapolis, who are blocking any vote on medical marijuana are Governor Holcomb himself, Hoosier Senate Majority Leader Rodrick Bray, and Hoosier House Speaker Brian Bosna. Because of these three, medical marijuana has never yet had a vote in the Indiana legislature. And, if these guys get their way, no piece of medical marijuana legislation will EVER get a vote in the Hoosier legislature. 

Thirty three states and the District of Columbia now have legal medical marijuana for disabled war vets. Hoosier war vets are denied equal rights by three people playing politics with people’s health and well being. 

I was never quite so pissed off as I am after learning this. I’m a war, a service connected disabled war vet. These three guys are folks who have never laced a combat boot or been under enemy fire for this nation. They are essentially telling me, that my war service is not as worthy as the war service of vets from other states. Mull that over.  


Ron Nesler posting in well justified anger from New Harmony, Indiana. 


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