Saturday 20th October 2018

nothing as destructive as lies


Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

We have all seen lying destroy marriages. One spouse gets entangled in lies about spending or sexual infidelity and the next thing you know, the marriage is destroyed, with hurt feelings and devastated children lying around. There is nothing as destructive as lies. Lying to a spouse about anything is especially bad Mojo for a marriage, and usually fatal to the union.

Democracies are the same way. Democracies, like marriages, are built on truthfulness and trust, and democracies can’t survive lying any better than marriages can.

Corporations are specifically built on lying. The only purpose for forming a corporation is to evade taxes and to break the law without personal accountability. I know this, because I myself once formed a corporation, on the advice of an attorney, for exactly those immoral reasons.

Our government has just been turned completely over to the corporations. Our new president, who was going to drain the swamp in Washington, has surrounded himself with Billionaires and corporate big shots on a level never before dreamed of in America. And, lying about everything has become the new normal. Lying is so all encompassing in the Trump administration, that about 35% of Americans have become deadened to it and completely lack outrage at being lied to.

Some of the grossest and most damaging lies are about health care. For decades this nation was moving slowly toward a European style health care system, in which Americans would pay their taxes, and receive health care as they needed it, not as they could afford it. Trump and the corporations invested in for profit health care tell us, that single payer health insurance won’t work. They are lying, we have had single payer health insurance for the old and disabled in this nation since 1965. It works wonderfully, it is self perpetuating financially, ever one covered by it loves it, and we call it MEDICARE. Single payer health insurance means Medicare for all Americans.

But, Trump and the corporations say Medicare is socialized medicine and intrinsically a bad idea, even though it works. That too is a big fat lie. Medicare is not any kind of  medicine, either socialized or otherwise. Medicare is socialized health INSURANCE.  Medicare does not provide one iota of health care, Medicare provides INSURANCE that is used to pay PRIVATE, non government health care providers for providing health CARE. There is a world of difference between socialized health care and socialized health insurance. VA is a horrible example of socialized MEDICINE. VA attempts to deliver health care, not health insurance, and VA is an abysmal failure.  Trump and the corporations try to compare Medicare to VA. That is apples to oranges. VA is socialized medicine and a huge un-salvageable failure. Medicare is single payer health INSURANCE, and is the single most successful and best loved program, that our great nation has ever created.

Trump and the corporations lie like rugs and fight like badgers AGAINST Medicare for all, because Medicare for all will stop the insurance corporations and the pharmaceutical corporations from milking sick and injured Americans for every dime, then taking away their homes and retirements to satisfy medical debt.

Ron Nesler Medicare recipient posting from New Harmony, Indiana

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