Friday 20th October 2017

Hate Crimes in Indiana


Hate Crimes in Indiana are more common than in most other states. Because I live here, and because I am a member of the human race, I own this shameful problem. My powers to fight against this evil are limited, but I do what I can. What I CAN do is to admit this ugly evil is common, widespread and unspeakable. I can speak up to shame the wrong doers, and try to force change by shining the light of public scrutiny on this evil. Anyone can do these things, and if you don't, you are part of the evil. Silence is complicity. Silence gives tacit approval, and encourages evil. Tell your neighbors.

Ron Nesler/New Harmony Indiana

Dead People


A few days ago something reminded me of an old and close friend, now long deceased. At the thought of them, I went off on a mental stroll through the past, and I treated myself to a warm replay of my time spent with that person and of all the quirky (and unique) features of their personality, which caused me to love them and to be their friend in the first place. This was pretty pleasant, and it got me to thinking about…………….

Medicare for all


I am not a policy wonk or an expert on health insurance. But, I read a lot, and I pay attention. One thing I know for sure is that health care is a basic human right. If you don't embrace that obvious first principle, you forfeit any claim to being civilized, and don't deserve to be in the conversation. 

Other things I know are that ………………………………..

Mayor Declares Chicago a Trump Free Zone


In an amazing show of courage and dedication to common decency, justice and American core values the mayor of Chicago  DECLARES CHICAGO A TRUMP FREE ZONE

Posted by Ron Nesler, New Harmony Indiana

Black Lodge Coffee Roasters


Here is yet another reason, that New Harmony is wonderful! BLACK LODGE COFFEE ROASTERS

Ron is a regular here for the best coffee within several hundred miles. Sold by either the cup or the pound. They have some amazing scones and other baked goods too! Their coffee is sold by the cup, but their main product is a variety of freshly roasted coffee beans by the pound, either whole or ground to your specifications. Their fresh roasted coffees are all that we use at our house. HUGE difference between their coffee and what you are drinking now. Try it.

Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony Indiana

Ron’s first premise and a corollary


Ron's first premise: Any time politicians and clergy agree on any point, they are both wrong. 

Ron's first corollary to Ron's first premise: When this occurs, refer immediately to science.

Posted from New Harmony Indiana by Ron Nesler

Coal soot


Here is SOMETHING TO WATCH, while you are enjoying breathing the coal soot provided to you by the eleven coal burning power plants within 50 miles of New Harmony.

Posted by Ron Nesler from New Harmony, Indiana

Ron’s razor, a political litmus test


I have a devised a political litmus test, I call it Ron's Razor, and you might find it useful in cutting through all the bullshit. It is this:

—- If one's joy, happiness or success depend on causing suffering among weaker persons, that one is an asshole. —-

Dip Jeff Sessions, Jim Tomes or Larry Bucshon in that, and see, if they turn red.

Posted by Ron Nesler from New Harmony, Indiana as a public service


Legal Weed, let’s have some FACTS


I am not so bold as to suggest legal weed for Hoosiers. But, I will suggest, that it is time to stop ignoring the issue, and have an informed conversation about it.

I have not used weed, since 1984. Despite the fact, that I have two medical conditions, for which cannabis is an effective treatment.

The major REASON, I have avoided weed completely………………….,

Posey Co. officials have panties taken down


Posey County elected officials have had their panties taken down by Pakistan. READ HERE

The really big losers will be your great, great grandchildren, who will inherit a chemical Hell similar to Houston or New Orleans or New Jersey, along with the debt from this swindle.



A defense of (some) Republicans


Here is a NYT's article about some sane and helpful state health care legislation passed by MINNESOTA  REPUBLICANS. 

Here is a quote from that article: “This is the type of risk-mitigation tool that the feds defunded in an effort to sabotage Obamacare,” Mr. Lourey said.

Here are  my take aways: Health care reform is possible. I salute these patriotic Minnesota Republicans, who have placed the public good above the sort of revenge politics that we have from the Tea Party assholes in the Hoosier GOP. This is living proof, that NOT ALL Republicans everywhere are hateful, mind dead, bigoted assholes

Here is a footnote:  On the advice of my psychologist/therapist, I recently took up using the word asshole(s), when referring to people who truly ARE assholes. It is enormously therapeutic. I recommend it.

Posted from New Harmony Indiana by an old soldier named Ron Nesler

You are NOT powerless


Note to ordinary human Americans. You are NOT powerless. You are being lied to about that. And, lots of other stuff, too. America is in a huge culture war. The weapons are lies against truths, the stakes are all of the wealth of the planet, and the battlefield is YOUR opinions. The only way you can lose, is by doing what you are doing right now, being submissive and NOT opposing the lies.

To win, you just need to ……………………………………………