Friday 22nd March 2019

peeing on the electric fence


 For me, learning is a piece of cake. I can learn almost anything with hardly any effort at all. I learn stuff everyday. Where I get daunted is remembering my lessons. Almost daily, I forget some lesson, I learned only a week or so before. Then, I burn my hand on the metaphoric hot skillet, and have to learn the same lesson over again.

Will Rogers said, that some people learn from books, some from observing others, and some have to

pee on the electric fence for themselves.  I will add, that in my case, very often, the shock of peeing on the electric fence is soon forgotten. And, I must repeat the exercise again and again. I’m sure, there’s a lesson in that.

Ron Nesler posting from New New Harmony, Indiana


Here’s a bonus link to an article about traditional Mexican Menudo soup

Making menudo soup takes a lot of time and labor. Here is a type of canned menudo, which I think really is as good or better, that any of the home made menudo, I have enjoyed out west and in Mexico. It is called PICO PICA MENUDO and made by Juanita’s Mexican foods. It is absolutely top notch, when served piping hot with either steamed tortillas or bollio rolls. And, some chopped onion and crushed oregano to add in. And a quartered lemon or lime to squeeze into the steaming soup. 

  Pico Pica brand menudo is sold in the gourmet food category on

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