Mike Pence says he sees a “light at the end of the tunnel” on the Covid 19 Pandemic.  

I say, if there is any ………

…………………..  light at the end of the tunnel for working class Americans on this virus, it’s an oncoming train.

Pence is a third rate sissy jelly bean of a snake handling tent preacher and has no idea of how ordinary sane working class people live and zero concern for anyone other than himself. He’s a petty wimp, who addresses his wife as “mother.” There’s all sorts of sick implications in that. And, he’s a gutless Trump Sucker too, did I mention that? Not once in four years, has pence had the courage to call foul on anything, trump has said or done. Not once. 

So, now, I’m supposed to allow this spineless sissy identify lights at the end of tunnels for me? Not I, no thank you. I will take a pass on that. 

I should also point out that using that term, light at the end of the tunnel, shows how completely isolated the WHOLE Pence family was from the Vietnam war. While the Vietnam war dragged on and on and on, the Chicken Hawk politicians were always promising a light at the end of the tunnel to those of us in uniform. Soldiers hated to hear that insincere crap. There was no light at the end of the tunnel for those who served in Vietnam, and there is no light at the end of the pandemic tunnel for Americans right now, because Trump has obstructed sane scientific action, and this weevil piss ant Pence has been complicit with Trump every bungling selfish step of the way. 





a third rate

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