We are in the midst of what scientists say is the worst pandemic of infectious disease in the history of the planet and a potential cataclysm to surpass the 1918 flu pandemic that world wide killed ………..



……………………………………..fifty million people.


We have no vaccines, no treatments and only guesses as to how the disease is spread.

We also have no national leadership, because even as deaths increase nation wide our president is telling his followers, that the whole thing is a hoax to damage his chances of re-election. And, that any cooperation with public health officials or scientists to slow the spread of the disease is act of disloyalty toward him personally.  Consequently many of the presidents followers have their heels dug in on showing utter and complete disregard of scientific advice in order to demonstrate political solidarity with the president.

We are in a medical emergency that gets worse by the day, and all we have is  the universal advice of every scientist on the planet, that we can slow the spread of the disease and buy time to find a vaccine and/or treatment by practicing social distancing and wearing masks in public to protect those around us. Most of us are trying to do that, but because of the lack of national leadership our efforts are patch work from state to state and town to town, and therefore mostly ineffective.

So far the less densely populated rural areas of the nation have seen the fewest deaths from the pandemic. But, because of  the lack of a coherent organized national response, that is quickly changing. Neighboring Vanderburg county, once relatively safe because of geographic isolation is now a hot spot for the virus.  And Posey county one of the most socially isolated areas in America is now being touched by the spread of the disease.

New Harmony is a peaceful safe harbor in many many ways, one of which has previously been isolation from the deadly pandemic. But, in the past week, that has changed, and New Harmony now is touched by the virus.

If you are allowing political loyalty to our president to stop you from cooperating with efforts to slow the spread if the virus here in Posey county, I implore you to think about what you are doing. You have every right to the political loyalties of your choosing. But, you owe it to your constituents and neighbors to cooperate with public health efforts, no matter what political beliefs you hold.

Many of our local businesses have re-opened or remained open and have been civically responsible by practicing common sense safety precautions.  These civically responsible businesses include among others, the Yellow Tavern, the Utopian Beauty Salon and the mews, I applaud them as good citizens and good neighbors.

On the other hand, yesterday, Saturday, July 11th, a town wide yard sale was held. This naturally attracted people from Evansville, where things are already  bad enough that masks are required in public. Attracting people from Evansville is the central idea of having town wide yard sales. By definition, yard sales are events, where large crowds of random people go from home to home pawing over peoples junk items for sale. If they pick up a germ or virus pawing over stuff at one home, or if they bring a germ or virus with them from Evansville, they spread it to every other home they visit to paw over stuff. You couldn’t invent a more effective way to spread a virus. Infected items are either sold to innocent people or carried back inside the home of the garage sale vendor. Under the current circumstances, there may possibly be worse ideas than this, but none come immediately to mind. 

My family and I cast our votes for every current member of the town board. We support you. We get it, that the town board does not want to be seen as disloyal to president Trump, and that you don’t want to look like sissies to the general public by admitting the danger we face. But, you are our leadership, and leaders must do what is wise, and best without regard to their own popularity.  I learned that as an Army Sergeant. 

We have a Hell of a good thing going living here in peaceful bucolic Posey County and especially here in our paradisaical community of New Harmony. Please don’t flush it all down the political toilet by ignoring science to show loyalty to the president. Our town board has enough power to enact some simple measures, that will prevent suffering and save lives. I appeal to you to act. 

Ron Nesler Posting From New Harmony, Indiana

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