Alvin Blaylock is an incumbent town board member, and has served as our town board president since our last town election. Here are some of the ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF THE PRESENT TOWN BOARD.   And with all of this accomplished, the town is better off financially, that when this board took over. 

Mr Blaylock was ………………………………..




……………..born on a farm in Posey County just outside of New Harmony, has lived in Posey County his entire life, and inside the town of New Harmony for over fifty years.    

Alvin is a proud veteran of the United States Army.

Alvin’s working career was in a leadership and management, which suits him very well to overseeing our town business affairs. He was with General Plastics for thirty one years, and worked ten years for a construction management firm. For the past fifteen years, Alvin has been self employed as a farmer.  Alvin says, that his business and leadership experience enables him to help town employees complete their tasks in a safe, timely, and cost effective manner. I agree with him, the He has done a good jib and should be re-elected.

Alvin pledges to continue to be willing to talk to any New Harmony resident with questions or complaints about town business. He has been and will continue to be accessible to everyone in town.


After the voters elected Alvin to serve on the town board in our last town election, he was president of the board by a vote of the other four members. That’s not just an honor, it is a show of trust and respect by the other members. The board president wields extra powers the other members do not have, and the other members chose trust Alvin with those extra powers. 

Chief among these extra powers of the board president is setting the agenda for each meeting,m prior to the meeting. Town business can’t be decided without each issue being discussed in a public meeting and voted on in public. The president sets the agenda as to what topics will be discussed in each meeting. If it is not on the president’s agenda, it can’t be discussed and voted on. This keeps the meetings from dragging out forever, and keeps everyone on topic. Deciding the agenda of each meeting gives  the president lots of extra power.

That the other four members conferred this power to Alvin means he is respected and trusted by the others to set the agendas fairly.  Alvin has done a top notch job as board president, and it will be good for the town, if he is re-elected  to the board, and once again named board president. 


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