Here are some of the ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF THE PRESENT TOWN BOARD.   And, with all of this accomplished, the town is better off financially, that when this board took over




GARY WATSON is an incumbent New Harmony town board member running for re-election in November 2019. He is running on the Republican ticket.  I’m a strong Democrat, but Gary is one of my top two choices for town board.  

Gary is a home town boy, born and raised in New Harmony. Gary is a family man, a retired law enforcement officer, a US Marine Corps veteran of the Vietnam war, and  a man, who has pulled himself up by his bootstraps from a humble beginning to become successful in business and in life in general. Nothing was ever handed to Gary Watson as a gift, Gary knows what it is to have goals and work toward them diligently. 

Politically, Gary and I agree on almost nothing. But, I am supporting his candidacy, because he is a decent human being, and he has the good of New Harmony at heart. Because, Gary is good for the town and for the people of the town.  

Gary is soft spoken, polite, thoughtful, concerned for others and he loves his home town of New Harmony, Indiana, as much as I do. Gary is a patriot and a fellow war vet.

Gary’s many years experience in law enforcement and in the US Marine Corps, qualifies him him to mentor our town Marshall, to insure that the Marshall’s job is performed effectively, safely and lawfully.   

Gary’s success in business and in his personal life will insure he won’t allow town funds to be squandered foolishly. With Gary on watch, every dollar goes to benefit all town residents, not just a few insiders.  Gary has never, and will never, do anything to reflect badly on the town.  

Gary was born and raised here, New Harmony is Gary’s life, not just a retirement hobby. 

Best of all, Gary is not long winded, but when he does open his mouth, the truth comes out.

Gary Watson will not mislead the people, nor disgrace the town with secret schemes and lies as some previous town board members in recent memory have done.   


Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony, Indiana


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