WE ENDORSE VIRGINIA ALSOP FOR RE-ELECTION TO TOWN BOARD.  Here are some ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF THE PRESENT TOWN BOARD.    on which Virginia has served.  And, with all of this accomplished, the town is better off financially, that when this board took over


Virginia is an incumbent member of the Town Board running for re-election as a Democrat. She has done a great job on the Town Board and deserves to be reelected. The only other candidate we have endorsed so far is Republican Gary Watson.

So, that is one Democrat and one Republican endorsed by this web site. Party plays no part in our choices. We endorse those candidates, we believe to be best for the town New Harmony. Virginia Alsop definitely falls in that category.  

Virginia Alsop nee Culliver was born and raised here in Posey County. She has had a total of one husband, and her marriage has lasted decades ago. (If you want to know how many decades, you must ask Virginia) Both the Culliver and Alsop families have many generations of proud history and ties to New Harmony. 

We endorse Virginia Alsop, because Virginia Alsop has  a long standing reputation as a truth teller. And, we view nothing as more important than truthfulness for public office at any level.

Virginia’s history and reputation speak for themselves on the matter of honesty and integrity. Ask any of the old time families around New Harmony. The old timers will tell you, Virginia speaks the truth first, last and always.

If, we elect truthful people to public office, everything else will fall into place, without problems, bad publicity or hateful feuds. 

I will remind our readers, that in the not too distant past, we sadly elected a couple of town board members, who quickly became notorious for not being truthful, or even cash register honest. It brought shame and bad publicity and hateful infighting to the town.  We can all remember that. Mull over those unhappy memories of certain less than honest town board members. I think you will see, that voting for a truth teller, such as Virginia Alsop, is best for our town.  

Second only to honesty, this editor values roots and ties to the town. Virginia is a winner on that score too. Both sides of Virginia’s family, the Cullivers and the Alsops have been here in Posey County since before 1900. Virginia has children, grand children and five great grand children here in Posey County. That is true roots.  

Virginia is a successful business person on her own account, and she and her husband Don are retired from farming. Among her extended family, here in Posey County, Virginia can count farmers, school teachers, attorneys, and public servants. As well as, many many and working class folks retired from or working at GE, B&W, SABIC and many other large and small firms, right here in Posey County.   

Some of the folks running for the town board, are pretty new to New Harmony. Their only tie to the town is the house they live in. If things don’t go their way, they can just list their house for sale, and move to St Louis, or New York City, or Santa Fe, or some other fashionable community and start over again. Once they sell their house, they have no family ties or community loyalty to hold them here.

I have watched this happen with more than one of these pompous, puffed up, outsider, Big Shots. You have too.  They don’t get their way about something, and they pack up and move on. 

It’s not like that for local natives, like you and me and Virginia Alsop.  For us, this is our home.  Virginia Alsop has skin in the game here in New Harmony. Please join me in voting for Virginia Alsop and for the best interests of New Harmony.   

Ron Nesler endorsing Virginia Alsop for re-election to New Harmony Town


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