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03 Jan 2019


Poker involves math, psychology, patience, deviousness and well timed aggression. Poker is also an an equal opportunity game. At the poker table, no one cares, who your Daddy was, or who you rub shoulders with at happy hour. Poker tests character. If you are ruled by greed, animosity, prejudices, arrogance or impatience,  you will soon get your clock cleaned at poker. I love poker for all of those reasons.

When I was a kid, ………………

………………………….there were two businesses here in New Harmony, Indiana, which openly ran poker games on Church street. It was technically illegal, but in those more liberal days, no one bothered them.  The two places were a few doors away from one another, near where the Yellow Tavern is today. My opinion is, we were a better place for having those two poker rooms here in New Harmony. These poker games offered a chance to learn important skills, develop character, add a little color to your life, be entertained and win or lose a few bucks. Poker games attract colorful and intelligent people. I have never known a good poker player who was either stupid or bland.

People my age, who grew up here in New Harmony, Indiana will associate poker with these names such as Doc Ropp, Jack Racine, Jim Werry, Paul Hurt, Charlie Pendle,  Earl Yandell, Marion Cleveland, George Penner, Kurt Barbre, Bill Barbie, Charlie Straw,  Eddie Smyth, Frankie Parrot, Larry Ford, and Ike Carner.

A lot of what I know about character, morality, self sufficiency, honor, logic and humor was learned from the poker players right here in New Harmony, Indiana. I was honored to know these people, and to learn the wonderful game of poker. Now, shuffle up and deal.

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

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