Poor People


If you’re a poor person in America, it is …………



…………………………………..   no accident. America’s economic system is rigged to keep all of the wealth in the hands of a very few people. And to keep the rest of us poor and desperate, so that we are easy to manage and easy to bully.

There is more than enough wealth in America to keep us all very comfortable.  As just one small example, think of all of the petroleum and minerals produced from the earth everyday. If the proceeds from all of the petroleum pumped out of the ground in America, were divided up equally among all Americans, we could all be pretty wealthy.

But, that’s not what happens. Our system siphons off all of the money to just a very few families, about ONE PERCENT of Americans profit from oil production. And this fortunate ONE PERCENT live in splendid magnificent luxury, with way more money, that they could ever possibly spend in a hundred human lifetimes.  Petroleum is just one example. The same goes for ALL of the minerals extracted from the earth. 

So, the ONE PERCENT is doing great, what about the other 99% of Americans? We often can’t afford sufficient food, clothing and shelter to live a dignified life.

Often, our kids grow up under the trauma of shabby clothing, cheap high carb diets,  and the constant threat of their family having their utilities disconnected for non payment. That stress is physically, mentally and emotionally harmful to us and especially to our children. And, it’s completely unnecessary. There’s plenty of wealth. We don’t have a wealth shortage in America, we have a wealth distribution problem. 

This is all great for the wealthy ONE PERCENT, but it pretty much sucks for the other 99%. 

There are all kinds of drawbacks to being poor. Hunger and discomfort are obvious, but being poor also robs us of our dignity and power as equal human beings. When you’re poor, and the kids need food, you pretty much have to kiss someone’s ass to get and keep a job. Complain about injustice or work conditions or abuse from your bosses, and you are out on the street with no job and no way to feed, clothe and shelter your family.

As a poor person, you must jump through hoops like a trained dog for the bosses, or they take away your job. And often, they even blacklist you, so you can’t find another job. This is OK, if you enjoy being treated like a dog. 

I don’t like this system, maybe you don’t either. What can we do about it?

The first and most important thing, either you or I can do, is to educate ourselves so that we understand what’s going on. And also understand there are better systems we could use. Then we can get out and try to educate people around us to the facts we have learned. Then, change can begin. 

The wealthy ONE PERCENT, spread the big lie to Americans, that this is how capitalism is supposed to work. It is NOT. 

I believe, capitalism is the best economic system possible, but what America has is not pure capitalism, what we have is  “Crocodile” capitalism. In American capitalism, the few Big Crocodiles devour the rest of us. 

Many countries have capitalist systems without the Crocodiles. They have laws that protect the workers from abuse. To name a few, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, France, Britain, Canada, Switzerland, Netherlands, and Germany all have capitalist economic systems, but no Crocodiles. 

In these countries, the workers have national job protection, national health care insurance, national unemployment protection, national civil rights protections, and many other protections for workers, so that their bosses can’t abuse or mistreat them. These nations are social democracies, where everything is decided with fair elections and nobody can bribe the candidates with “campaign contributions.” And, they have safeguards to keep the wealthy from bribing politicians once they are elected and in office, too.

America is in a mess, and NO, the mess is NOT caused by welfare mothers getting free milk for their babies. 

America’s Mess is caused by the wealthy ONE PERCENT bribing candidates and elected officials, using all of that money they get from our system of Crocodile capitalism. 

In honest civilized nations, political campaign expenses are paid for by the government out of tax money collected. And, no multi $Billionaire is allowed to give candidates big bribes disguised as campaign contributions.

That would be a good way to begin to save America, take the $Billionaire bribes out of our elections, and let tax money fund the campaigns of all qualifying candidates. If we did that; elected officials would be indebted to the voters who voted for them, NOT to billionaires who gave them $Millions of campaign bribes.

So, any comments on the idea of tax payer funded elections? Or anything else I mentioned? Speak up. Agree or disagree, I would like to hear from you. 


Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony, Indiana



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