A few days ago, I watched as a neighbor with a heart attack was rescued by an ambulance from POSEY COUNTY EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES.

I was reminded of a couple of years ago, when my wife fell breaking both ……………………….

……………………………………  a hip and a wrist. She too was rescued by an ambulance from Posey County EMS. 

When I called 911, when my wife fell and injured herself, I was completely amazed at how quickly the EMS folks and the ambulance responded.  These folks do wonderful work, they’re well trained professionals with good equipment.  We are lucky to have them. Most rural areas do not enjoy this sort of top notch service.

Posey County EMS is an example of local government at its best.

If you call 911 with an emergency requiring an ambulance, these folks are automatically dispatched to your location by the Posey County 911 operators.

On a completely different subject, that has to do with aging, I am reminded of a comment made by a friend of mine named Tom. Tom, who is my same age, said that if 20 or 30 years ago, he had ever awakened feeling the same way he feels every morning now, back then he would have called an ambulance for himself. 

I fully agree with Tom’s remark.

Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony, Indiana

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