Wednesday 26th June 2019



New Harmony, Indiana is a fine quiet little town.  No place  is better for reading and reflecting.  I take every opportunity I get to encourage people to read books. 

Here in no particular order, which is how I read, are some books, I like and recommend. 

Work Shirts for Mad MenNovel by George Singleton talks of substance abuse recovery in the south, art, redemption and snapping turtles in a serious/humorous way

American Gothic: The Story of America’s Legendary Theatrical FamilyJunius, Edwin and John Wilkes Booth by Gene Smith … Another pleasant and pain free history lesson

Legends of The Fall by Jim HarrisonA great and gritty fiction writer who could flesh out his characters and make it seem you knew them.

Journeyman by Erskine Caldwell … A little down home religious Americana by a Hell of a writer

God’s Little Acre by Erskine Caldwell … To me, this is the best piece of Caldwell’s gritty Americana. The title doesn’t mean what you might think it means at all.

Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin by Benjamin Franklin … For my money, Franklin was the greatest American who ever lived and one of the most enlightened human beings in history

Marie Antoinette’Confidante: The Rise and Fall of the Princess de Lambelle   ..A  fun and easy reading history lesson by Geri Walton 

Reconstruction: America’s Unfinished Revolution  1863 –1867 by Eric Foner …. Don’t panic! This is easy to read and FUN, too. And, if you accidentally learn more than you intend, I will refund your ignorance.  

Nella Larsen’s Complete Fiction   by Nella Larsen  … An intimate peek into middle class (to rich) African American life in the 1920’s. This was a page turner for me. 

W. Somerset Maugham Short Stories  … If you are a fan of literary fiction, you will probably adore Maugham’s writing. Novels, plays, short stories or travel sketches, everything he wrote is a literary treasure. These short stories are a good place to start reading Maugham and see if you catch the bug as I did as a teenager.

P.G. Wodehouse Short Stories    … If you have a sense of humor, Wodehouse will tickle it. I especially enjoy the Mr Jeeves stories

A People’s History of the United States  by Howard Zinn  … A candid look at American history. The author was a renown history scholar, a playwright, a social activist and a WWII combat vet.   

Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain  …  Many call this America’s greatest novel. And, it has some fine teaching about morals and sin and some wonderful humor.  It is not a child’s book, although a child can well enjoy and learn from it. Good for any age.

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee …  One of America’s greatest works of literary fiction. An American morality story told from the point of view of a smart and strong little girl.  I first read this in grade school. I still reread it with enjoyment in my seventies.



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