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Edith Hardcastle is running for Indiana State Senate District 49.  Hardcastle is a scientist and an educator. She is a college professor and a Mom. She is active in the community. She is a proven hard worker and enjoys wide respect. Edith Hardcastle is NOT the butt of anyone’s jokes.

Hardcastle says she is……………………….

…………..running for state senate, because she is tired of ordinary people being ignored by politicians. I am too.

Hardcastle has challenged her opponent Jim Tomes to a one on one televised debate on October 22nd 2018. The debate is to be sponsored by WNIN Public television and the Evansville Courier Press. It is to be televised live. Edith Harddcastle is very eager to debate, so voters can hear,  who she is and what she stands for.

Jim Tomes has refused to take part in the televised debate.

Why is Tomes refusing?  Are there topics Jim Tomes would prefer to not discuss in public? Does Tomes fear having his record exposed?  I think so.

And, here is the LOW DOWN ON JIM TOMES 

State Senator Jim Tomes, first elected in 2010 as part of the Tea Party tsunami, has not yet faced a Democratic challenger in the general election. Edith Hardcastle is Tomes’ first opponent. 
Jim Tomes started making more of a name for himself in 2016 by being the sponsor of Indiana’s SB 35, one of those transphobic bathroom cop bills that the Republican Party is pushing to make sure that nobody relieves themselves in a bathroom outside of the gender they were born as. He even frames the need for his bill as being necessary with the gem of an incoherent quote that, “Shouldn’t we also ask about…what about the other sector of society of people that who have all through the decades women been using women’s restrooms and men been using men’s restrooms and kind of like that and kind of expect that level of privacy?”
It should come as little surprise that he would do such a thing, though, considering he also co-sponsored and voted for Indiana’s “religious freedom” law, SB 101, back in early 2015, that he voted AGAINST SB 220, which would classify assaults motivated by the victim’s gender identity as a hate crime, and in 2014, he voted FOR an amendment to be added to the Indiana state constitution to define marriage as being between one man and one woman. If he were any more homophobic, he would have been caught digging up Liberace’s grave to put a stake through his heart.
Perhaps the only thing Jim Tomes seems to enjoy more in his role as a legislator than legislating to restrict the rights of the LGBT community is to go out of his way to let gun owners have ridiculous amounts of leeway, including trying to legalize school teachers having guns in public school classrooms, as well as legalizing guns in the state capitol itself.
Since Tomes is arming everyone and their uncle in Indiana, you might be worried that gun violence would end up out of control in Indiana. Well, don’t worry, Jim Tomes has a plan to make sure everyone is a fine, upstanding citizen… to force schoolchildren to have to recite the Lord’s prayer at the start of their school day.
Because as we all know, there’s not any sort of constitutional precedent for a separation of church and state, or mandatory prayer in schools, right? I mean, unless you count Engel v. Vitale.
Add in the fact that Jim Tomes has supported legislation to regulate abortion so stringently in Indiana that it would have effectively closed down every clinic in the state, and that he supports the perpetually failing conservative policy of drug testing welfare recipients (when laws of this type are always overturned as violations of the 4th Amendment, and they even fail to find enough drug use among the poor to justify having the testing in the first place), and you realize how much of an extremist he really is, in terms of his policy stance.
In 2017, he submitted a bill that had it passed, would have tested the limits of the right to protest, since it was written that police would be allowed to disperse protests by “ANY MEANS NECESSARY” Which in the English language would include mowing down protesters with a machine gun, under the heading of ANY MEANS NECESSARY.
Tomes has also sponsored two separate bills to legalize both switchblade knives and sawed off shotguns in Indiana. And, he has said, he will NEVER vote in favor of Medical Marijuana, because he fears the medicinal herb might “fall into the wrong hands.” Tomes is also quoted as saying militia groups NEED military type weapons, so they can overthrow the government, if they feel it is needed. Tomes is a total whacko. .
Tomes is running for re-election in 2018, and he’ll face Edie Hardcastle in the general election in November. Hardcastle is an educator a Doctor of Biology and a mom. Let us watch and pray, that the roughly +30 swing in favor of Democrats in special elections so far this year stays on course. And, we can keep up those kind of margins in November, and send Tomes packing, back to his militia group. .


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