Lately, my contact with people who exist outside of my own head has been even more limited that usual, because of the the Trump virus pandemic. While staying close to home, I have shared with Suzanne extra hours of …………..





………………………………. tete a tete, playing 500 Rummy, online poker and online word games to fill the time.

But, notwithstanding such enjoyable entertainment the bulk of my time has been spent reading and reflecting. Reading has been a lifetime joy for me. But, reflection, is a learned skill, requiring effort and discipline, and is another kettle of fish altogether.

I take pride of accomplishment in any reflection I manage to do. Reflection ain’t easy. Because, my mind doesn’t want to reflect, it wants to be entertained, and/or to chatter nonsensically. Reflection involves original mental output, which is work for the brain and therefore abhorrent to your average brain. Brains are naturally lazy, and must be whipped into shape by the owner through mental discipline, either with or without the aid of formal education.  This is one of my recent reflections.   

Another reflection is that almost no human person is as good or bad as they or others think they are.  It seems to me, that we lie about ourselves, pretty faithfully to avoid blame and to aggrandize ourselves and mostly to avoid embarrassment over our real or perceived short comings. On the other hand we often sell ourselves short to enjoy the pleasures of wallowing in guilt. I sure as Hell do both, and if you are candid on this point, I think you will admit to the same thing, it’s just human nature.

On the flip side, others paint us as better than we really are in order to flatter us to gain our favor, or they speak undeservedly ill of us to make themselves look better by comparison or to gain some advantage over us.  So it is.

If you agree with this reflection, don’t let it make you sad. We human creatures were either created by a higher power or we happened by cosmic accident, take your pick, and either way we arrived on this planet with our software already programmed and installed. We’re not at much fault for the basics of human nature. We can tinker with small changes to our programming for either good or bad, but at the end of the day, we are what we are.

Ron Nesler Posting From New Harmony, Indiana




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