Friday 20th October 2017

Republican Dishonesty


Republican dishonesty paved the way for Donald Trump to become our Liar in Chief. For years, I have watched Republican dishonesty in awe of the scope and blatancy of their lies. The Republican party has stirred up their unsophisticated base, by lying through their pearly white rich people teeth. They have lied about death panels, birtherism, trickle down economics, non existent weapons of mass destruction, the demonization of minorities, intellectuals and immigrants, taxpayer relief that didn't relieve anyone but the 1%, the idea that any form of government services are bad for ordinary citizens, that rigid government control of our private lives by right wing preachers is liberty, and that corporations bribing Congressmen is democracy. 

All this time, I thought I was the only one to see through this. I thought no one else understood, that the Republicans were not only eroding our government, but also lying themselves into a very tight corner. But, this morning, I read a NEW YORK TIMES EDITORIAL, that explains it better than I can. 


Today's "Be careful or you might learn something" offering is PICTURE OF EINSTEIN STICKING OUT HIS TONGUE SELLS FOR BIG BUCKS

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