Friday 22nd March 2019



As a Vietnam vet, I often hear fellow war vets grumbling, that all of the Republicans in DC will support any war, but they never serve in combat themselves. That’s simply not true.

As an example, take life long Republican Robert Mueller, our current Special Prosecutor and our former Director of the FBI. Mueller, again a life long Republican, joined the Marines in 1968, after graduating from Princeton University. He volunteered for service in Vietnam, served in combat, and was awarded BOTH a Purple Heart for wounds and a Bronze Star with V Device for valor in combat.

Prior to his Vietnam combat service, Marine Robert Mueller, attended the Army’s exclusive Ranger School and its Airborne school. Those Army training assignments are unusual for a Marine. And, they are typically set aside for a very few of the very best Marines each year. Mueller was one such. Mueller has also been honored by being named to the Army Ranger Hall of Fame.

In combat, Mueller was a member of H Company, 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines, an infantry unit assigned along “Mutter’s Ridge” near the DMZ. This was an area of Quang Tri province overlooking the border of North and South Vietnam. A place where much heavy fighting took place.

So, no more bad mouthing Republicans for shirking military combat duty. If you get that urge, just remember Republican war hero Robert Mueller.

Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony, Indians

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