When Indiana dropped the age for Covid 19 vaccination to 70 and up, I quickly …….



…………………………..put my name on the list, and I was able to get my first shot of vaccine on the 22nd of January.

I wasn’t able to get in to the Mt Vernon or Evansville, Indiana clinics, but I got an appointment at the Princeton, Indiana clinic and received my first dose of the Moderna Vaccine there. They were very busy, one of the workers told me they had a total of 350 appointments that day.  

It was a large open building on the Princeton Fairgrounds, sort of in the shape and size of a small town High School basketball gym. As I’m hard of hearing the chatter of the crowd made it difficult for me to hear and follow directions. But, all of the workers there were very patient and helpful, and guided me through the process, despite my impaired hearing. 

 These people are doing good work, and putting themselves at risk to help others. They are saving lives. I greatly appreciate their work. Everyone should express their gratitude to the workers at our vaccination clinics. 

I also point out, that here in Indiana, our waiting in line is done on the phone, not standing outside in long lines in the cold. In Indiana, once you have an appointment, you just show up at your appointed time and get vaccinated. In some states, people are standing on long lines outdoors in the cold, to get vaccinated, because they have not organized things as well as Indiana. 

Posted by Ron Nesler from New harmony, Indiana

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