WHY & WHAT people do


Rev Ron’s 14th Law of Human Dynamics: Some folk’s limited accomplishments leave a lot of room for pretentiousness

Rev Ron’s 13th Law of Human Dynamics: Never vote for candidates who have more trust in superstition than they have in science.

Rev Ron’s 12th Law of Human Dynamics: Never ever trust a person, who is willing to starve polar bears to death, in order to make a buck.

Rev Ron’s 11th Law of Human Dynamics: It is OK to pray to win the lottery, as long as you take personal responsibility to buy the ticket yourself.

Rev Ron’s 10th Law of Human Dynamics: Government 101 : The ultra rich will keep screwing working people, until we make them stop

Rev Ron’s 9th Law of Human Dynamics: A fascist kleptocracy is a fascist kleptocracy. Regardless of whether they use guns, a bible or compound interest to suck the marrow from ordinary peoples bones.


Rev Ron’s 8th Law of Human Dynamics: Politics is dirt simple. It is the ongoing struggle between ordinary people, who just want to live in peace , and the fascist kleptocrats, who want to suck the marrow from our bones.

Rev Ron’s 7th Law of Human Dynamics: When searching for the perpetrators of ANY heinous crimes, look first among those who profit from selling junk food and cigarettes to little kids. They are capable of any evil, if there is a buck in it.

Rev Ron’s 6th Law of Human Dynamics:  If you are a bright and well educated person, there will come a time, when your neighbors will realize, you are way  smarter, than they are. Do not expect them to hug you warmly, when this happens.

Rev Ron’s 5th Fifth Law of Human Dynamics: The worst possible damage, you can do to children, is to teach them to value blind conformity.

Ron’s 4th Law of Human Dynamics: In Tea Party Republican thinking, everything is either black or white with no grey areas. This is because these folks lack grey matter.


Rev Ron’s 3rd Law of Human Dynamics:  A Pea Brain set in motion by right wing fanaticism will remain in motion until acted upon by a progressive force.

Rev Ron’s 2nd Law of Human Dynamics: If one’s happiness requires causing suffering to others, one is an asshole. ——————————————————————————————–

Rev Ron’s First Law of Human Dynamics: Anytime religion and politics are in agreement, they are probably both wrong.  When this happens, refer immediately to science.

Posted by the Rev Ron Nesler at New Harmony Indiana



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