Sunday 16th December 2018

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Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

Hi!  This is Ron Nesler, old but not dead or unconscious, reporting from here on the left side of New Harmony, Indiana.

If Trump blocks Stormy Daniels from appearing on 60 Minutes, he will have imposed more sanctions on a porn actress than on Russia.

Purdue University REPORT says climate change is already a disaster for New Harmony and the rest of southern Indiana. Fact starved Knuckle Draggers claim this report is liberal propaganda, forgetting that Trump/Pence supporter Mitch Daniels is the President of Purdue University.

Mike Pence remains hidden away in a secret location awaiting Trump’s implosion,  and Trump’s Secretary of Education embarrasses herself so badly on an INTERVIEW WITH 60 MINUTES, that even Trump realizes she is an obvious  Pea Brain.

The Secretary of VA David Shulkin has put himself and his family under 24/7 armed guard. No one is absolutely sure, who he fears most, his own mutinous money grubbing staff  or the military war vets, who he is robbing and screwing.  Shulkin recently was publicly busted for taking his wife on a tour of European castles at VA expense, while 22 military vets per day, 365 days per year, commit suicide because of third rate VA mental health care for those exposed to the Hell of combat. Meanwhile, it seems EVEN TRUMP IS SICK OF SHULKIN  Most ordinary vets wanted Trump to name Pete Hedseth for VA Secretary, but the big vet groups opposed Hegseth, because they were afraid he would cut off the flow of tax money to those groups. And, he WOULD have.

Here is a Hell of a factual and effective VIDEO ON GUN CONTROL.  NRA wants Americans to think the left wants to ban ALL firearms. That is a pure lie. Most liberals are like ME, I own guns and I support the right of others to own guns, we just want some sane control of WEAPONS OF WAR, to stop putting military weapons in the hands of everyone who can scrape up the cost of one. I think you will enjoy the video, may want to SHARE WITH FRIENDS.

NRA is trolling the internet claiming that the .223 caliber rounds for the AR 15 and AR 16 that school shooters use is essentially the same as the 22 caliber round, which kids and other hunters use to bag squirrels for dinner. I have a life time of experience hunting squirrels with a 22 and I carried an M-16 version of the AR for 15 months in Vietnam.  Here is a picture of the two rounds side by side, you tell me, if NRA is lying or not.

Ron Nesler, old but not dead or unconscious here in New Harmony, Indiana


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