Saturday 20th October 2018



Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

Russia is a FASCIST KLEPTOCRACY ruled by a consortium of billionaire Dons from business and organized crime.  Russia is a textbook case of fascist kleptocracy. With Russian klepto-fascists, as with all thieves, enough is never enough. Once a kleptocracy is launched, it’s tendency is to grow like cancer and devour the world, if not opposed by a democratic movement.  The Russian Kleptocracy now has it’s tendrils wrapped around the heart of American democracy.

As with most things evil and foul, the two major enemies of fascist kleptocracy are truth and transparency.  America is under attack, you can either  sit on your hands and watch, as we go down the klepto-fascist tubes along with Russia, or you can use truth and transparency to fight back. I choose fighting back by spreading the truth.

Here is an example of ……………….

some anti fascist truth.  The Russian klepto-fascists want you to think that Canada and our other western democratic allies are the enemy of American workers.  It is clearly not so.

Ohio is one of a few states, where the propaganda efforts of Russian kleptocracy gave Donald Trump a narrow electoral college win. The Russian klepto-fascists are peddling the notion, that Canada is the enemy of Ohio workers. When in point of truthful fact, Canada is Ohio’s #1 CUSTOMER.  In point of actual fact over 300, 00o jobs in Ohio depend on Canadian purchases. There are $18.9 billion in annual exports in goods from Ohio to Canada. Compare that with the $12.2 billion of goods imported TO Ohio FROM Canada. Canada buys more goods from Ohio, than from its next eight largest merchandise markets combined.

Ponder those facts, and tell me is it Canada or the Russian klepto-fascists, who are your true enemy?

Ron Nesler reporting the truth from the high moral ground of democracy.  And, tapping on my keyboard from New Harmony, Indiana

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