I was just reading the REMARKS OF STATE SENATOR JIM TOMES concerning a lawsuit by the city of Gary, Indiana against the big gun makers. The city of Gary is trying to make the big gun makers financially accountable for ………..


………..the human wreckage created by their high profit products. Tomes represents New Harmony, Indiana and the surrounding area in the Indiana state senate.

In 2015, Sen Tomes sponsored Hoosier LEGISLATION TO PROTECT GUN MAKERS from any accountability in Indiana.  He said he was “protecting Hoosier jobs,” which was pure Tomesian BS.

Now, a recent court ruling has brought the lawsuit back to life.  And, Tomes has once again immediately leaped to the defense of the big gun makers, by trying to discredit the city of Gary, Indiana. 

My opinion? Gun makers are wallowing in ill gotten money produced by promoting gun violence and targeting the sales of their military style weapons to kids and weak minded macho militia guys like Tomes. If they can’t be stopped, and probably they can’t, they should at least be held financially liable for the tragedy and suffering they cause.  

As for Tomes, I view him as a garden variety dangerous nut. He has told me, that ordinary civilians, like him, NEED military type weapons in their possession, so that they can over throw the federal government, if THEY feel it is necessary. I don’t want nuts like Tomes, making that sort of decisions for me, do you? 

Ron Nesler posting peacefully from New Harmony, Indiana

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