Simplicity itself


If, I’ve seemed a bit more odd that usual during the past few weeks, it is probably because ……………..



……………………………………………..  Christmas always bums me out. As I look around me, I see most Americans celebrating Christmas with noise, flashing lights, alcohol, family fights, suicides, murders, car wrecks house fires, divorces and burdening themselves with unmanageable debt, that many will carry over to the next Christmas. I do not find all of that to be cheerful or happy making or spiritually uplifting.

In America, more lives are ruined by Christmas celebrations than by bears, rattlesnakes, earthquakes, tornadoes, terror attacks and Donald Trump all combined.

Saying a silent prayer, while feeding the hungry and housing the poor is a spiritual observance. American Christmas celebrations have nothing to do with spirituality or even family bonding. American Christmas celebrations are a corporate Republican scam to keep the cash registers ringing in the dead of winter by fleecing the working class.  All of that causes me to be annually deeply depressed over the suffering of my fellow man.

This year along with the mental depression, I also had some scary physical symptoms. For the past few months, I have had a roaring headache, a foul metallic taste in my mouth, increased problems getting my breath, bizarre dreams, a dizzy “other worldly” feeling and have been sometimes too weak to open a pull-tab tin of my favorite sardines.

I have consulted MD’s, RN’s, phone psychics, old Army buddies, Shamans, wise men, the I Ching (and my cats) with but little positive results.  

I finally surrendered to my wife’s long standing advice to double my water intake and stop eating any food between 7:00 PM and 10:00 AM. Bingo! In just a few days the quirky physical symptoms are gone, and I begin to have the will to live. 

My wife, Suzanne, says that not eating for those 15 hours per day allows my body to catch up on processing what I DO eat during the other nine hours of each day. And, that the one quart of water daily, I was drinking before doubling up, was simple NOT enough to keep my body sufficiently hydrated.  Thank you Suzanne. 

Like all other mortals, I may expire and assume room temp within the moment, but if I do, I will die feeling a Hell of a lot better, than I have been feeling. 

Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony Indiana

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