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I have failed to post regularly for the past several weeks, reason being, that I have been in a deep depression about the state of the world. The combined factors of the Corona Virus and of Trump’s continual stirring of the disinformation pot have mentally and emotionally overwhelmed me, coming on top of all life’s normal vicissitudes.

I’m old and had hoped to spend this part of my life growing irises, reading and enjoying the company of my wonderful darling wife and my sweet innocent daughter. But, the cosmic collision of Trump with the pandemic have made it impossible for a thinking humans to live in peace. Those evils are, as Mark Twain once remarked about his own personal circumstances, “too many for me.”

Our federal government has totally and completely failed us in mounting a response to the pandemic. Trump himself views America’s suffering, death and emotional loss as just one more opportunity to promote himself at a tragic cost to all others. All others excepting a few mobbed up corporate and elected supporters. Somehow he has hypnotized vast numbers of ordinary people with limited education and even more limited attention span. I could cry.

If you have read much about the life of Hitler leading up to his destruction of the short lived German democracy, you can’t escape the parallels with Trump’s America. Hitler didn’t use guns and violence to destroy the German democracy and install an evil one man totalitarian regime. Hitler used propaganda and an appeal to ultra nationalism and racism to sway the German people to hand over total control to him. His propaganda was loud and repetitious lying, often in the face of obvious incontrovertible evidence to the contrary of what he said. He told bold lies, that appealed to the vanities and superstitions of the  German people. And, he repeated those lies and racist ideas over and over and over again. Hitler simply drowned out truth and reality in Germany and replaced it with his agenda. If that doesn’t remind you of what is happening here in America, with Trump’s “alternate realities,” then you are not paying close attention. Please be worried.

But, back to my original thought. I have allowed malaise, fear and depression to prevent me from posting regularly for several weeks. But, I have had a stern pep talk with myself, and I intend to resume regular posting. even if my nose falls off. Unless of course, I die from the virus or Trump gains enough power to start sending dissenters to detention camps.

Please register and please vote and get your friends to do so also.

Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony, Indiana


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