The fascists turn both ignorance and knowledge against us by …………….



………………………..  not allowing wisdom or spirituality a seat at the table.   

Humanity knows ignorance is our enemy, because of thousands of years of ignorance has always brought us death, suffering, wars, slavery, disease, and disaster. Most of us have absorbed that fact.  

But, as America becomes more fascist, even knowledge is being used against us, by means of redefining knowledge as ONLY that which can be proven mathematically, by the tallying up of corporate profit and loss sheets or measuring the DJIA. This is our new state religion. 

For human people, knowledge is a lot more than arithmetic and tallying up corporate profit or loss.  

Humanity includes, among our sources of knowledge, our conscience, which tells us right from wrong. Any of us, except the very most damaged, know the difference between right and wrong, it can’t be tallied up by accountant, but we know the difference, it is written into our human software by God. Even politicians, such as Trump and Pence and Franklin Graham, know that difference. That is why they use such bombast, noise and lying to obscure the wrong they do. If they were righteous, they wouldn’t NEED to lie and muddy the water.  

Human intuition, another source of knowledge, makes it clear to me, that there is a creator. How else, would I explain the stars, the infinite universe, the tendency of (most) humans toward mercy and justice,  the mysteries of morel mushrooms, or the migration of tiny little baby turtles back to the water?  Without positing a creator, I can find no explanation for any of that or for lots more of God’s works.  

The fascists insist, that only THEY can tell us right from wrong, and that ordinary people must stifle our own consciences, and our own hearts and minds. The fascists are strident, that we bow to the contrived fascist god, being peddled by Trump, Pence and Franklin Graham. I note, that the phony fascist god embraces lying, adultery, sexual abuse, stealing, treason, bombing civilian targets and grabbing unknown women by the Pussy. 

BALONEY to this made up fascist god and this phony religion. And, baloney to Trump and Franklin Graham and Mike Pence for trying to force this fascist crap disguised as religion down our American throats.

I’m a human being endowed by my creator with certain inalienable rights. Among those inalienable rights are life, liberty, conscience and freedom from a state religion. That was good enough for our Founders, and it’s good enough for me.  I will stand pat, thank you.   

Ron Nesler a free man in New Harmony Indiana

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