Wednesday 14th November 2018

Switchblade Knives vs Medical Marijuana


Switchblade Knives vs Medical Marijuana here in New Harmony, Indiana

Oklahoma legal medical marijuana started  Aug. 24 2018. But, Hoosiers needing medical marijuana for glaucoma, depression, pain control or dozens of other medical conditions are still out in the cold.

For this, you can say thank you to………

…………………………  state Senator Jim Tomes.  For those of us here in New Harmony. Indiana, which is part of Dist 49, Tomes is our state senator. Tomes is the same nut cake, who pushed through legislation to legalize switchblade knives here in Indiana. Remember him now?

Senator Tomes told me he would never vote in favor of medical marijuana, because he fears it might fall into the wrong hands.  Personally, I’ve never seen one of Tomes’ beloved switchblade knives, that I thought was in the “right” hands.

A lot of war vets and other Hoosiers need medical marijuana. But what sane honest person needs a switchblade knife?  Ask Tomes.

Thanks to Jim Tomes’ hard (headed) work, Indiana is now officially on record as significantly more ignorant and back woodsy than Oklahoma.

Tomes is running for re-election in November. He won’t get the vote of this elderly war vet with glaucoma and chronic pain. And, unless you’re a switchblade knife fan, Tomes doesn’t deserve YOUR vote either. 


Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony Indiana



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