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I have learned more about life by reading the works of Wendell Berry, than I have in any other way except than by ……………………. 

Mosquitoes and gay marriage

The View From New Harmony

The View From New Harmony

Mosquitoes and gay marriage and American exceptionalism

So what in the hell do mosquitoes and gay marriage have to do with American exceptionalism?

Diseases borne by mosquitoes cause untold suffering among human beings. Our only response so far is to spray for the mosquitoes with chemicals that also kill honey bees and human beings. For less money and energy than we now spend on trying to prevent people from marrying whomever they choose —  which harms no one — I am certain that we could easily combat diseases borne by mosquitoes which cause immense human suffering?

Isn't that a radical idea? Sometimes I amaze even myself.

While I am on a roll, allow me to make another suggestion. Very few hearts and minds are won over to America's side by bombing civilian villages, torturing prisoners of war or targeting the families of those prisoners of war for retribution.  I served fifteen months in the Vietnam war, where we tried all of these actions against the Vietnamese. They didn't work then against the Vietnamese, and they won't work now against Muslim insurgencies.  The way to battle insurgencies is to remove — not add to —  the reasons that people have for joining those insurgencies. We need to defend ourselves and a select few friendly nations, but being a global police offiocer is a no win job. 

America can be a bright shining light for mankind, but we can't do it with bombs and torture and bigotry. Whatever happened to the Peace Corp? Or the space program? Or fighting diseases that cause human suffering? Therein lie the formula for American exceptionalism.


Ron Nesler posting about mosquitoes and gay marriage and American excveptionalism from gopod ol' New Harmony Indiana

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Humor me




I am an old man, and not especially well. I am admittedly not very sound of either body or mind, and far past the point where I pose much of a credible threat to  either persons or political institutions. Many very important people, including several in high public offices have agreed, that I am a blathering old nut. (Hello Senator Donnelly and Congressman Bucshon) They paint me as an addle patted old fool who doesn't know beans about anything, a harmless old crank.  Please allow this impotent old crank a few opinions. What damage could it do?  Humor a harmless old fool.

Here are some of my thoughts on………………………….

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