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My wife, Suzanne, just directed my attention to a NEWS ARTICLE  about a new sort of train in Europe. The train is powered by electricity created from hydrogen generated from the air.  The train’s engine is totally ……… 

I now have a plan! A plan I now have!

Ron IconI now have a plan!

This election has really thrown me for a loop. The problem being, that I don't believe either one of the two presidential candidates has any honest intentions to improve things for the ordinary people. I lean Democratic, but the DNC so obviously cheated Bernie Sanders out of the nomination, that it T'd me off at the Dems. I thought about voting for a third party candidate, but here in Red State Indiana, we are NOT able to cast a write in ballot. (Guess who made that rule?)  For awhile, I thought I would vote for Trump, as a protest against the Dems for nominating a puppet of the banks and corporations. But, then I would watch and listen to Trump, and it became obvious, that he is not only evil, but also totally unfit. He can't control his temper, doesn't understand the world or even the USA, refuses to do his homework, and can't even put a simple sentence together in the English language. What a mess! 

But, I now have a plan………………………………………………….

A CLUE for the Democratic Party

  A CLUE FOR THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY ….. from a rank and file democrat

Donald Trump is pulling ahead of Hillary Clinton in the polls across the country and most remarkably in key must win states. Click the link above, and read about it from CNN. Hillary and the Democratic Party, claim they don't understand, what is going on.

Here is a clue for the Democratic Party, …………………………..


Ron IconI am not much of one to do a lot of praying. But, this presidendial election has caused me to do lot of spiritual fretting ang mulling. Maybe, I am some sort of nut, but I attach a lot of importance and responsibility to how I cast my ballot. This years two choices for president are causing me to have a lot of moral wrestling matches with myself.

It is obvious to the most casual of observers, that Donald Trump is a shallow self seeking charlaton, and a low brow, uneducated, bigotted, racist, homophobic rabble rouser to boot. And, an incapable fool. I get all of that.

It is equally obvious that Hillary Clinton is a devious, self seeking shill for corporate America, who would start a war in a minute, if there was a dollar in it.She has already shown her willingness to destroy the democratic process in order to be our first female president. The chance that she would sell out our whole system of government to glorify herself is pretty real. Hillary is the very icon of corporate corruption of democracy. I get all of that, too.

Both major candidates are enemies of democracy. So what is a boy to do? Vote for a selfish, self entitled spoiled rich boy like Trump? Or a self seeking shill of the banks and corporations like Hillary? Or go third party with the Greens or Libertarians as a "protest,"  which will in practical effect only help asshole number one, Mr Trump? I change my mind on a almost dailly basis.

My heart wants to go with a progressive, and Hillary has no standing in that regard. But, if I go Green, am I going to help elect Mr Trump? Hillary seems to be the lesser of two major revolting evils, but if I vote for her, I might as well write in GW Bush, because in my view, they are morally and politically identical. Maybe, I should just vote for Mr Trump, and hope that if he is elected, he will bring such disaster on us, that the whole corrupt two party system will collapse, and we can start all over again, and maybe get right the next time around.

And, none of the above even takes into account the LIBERTARIAN PARTY, all of who's social policies I really like.

This election is presenting some pretty complex moral questions to thinking people, who also happen to give a crap about democracy. I am open to suggetions and argument. I am praying for guidance. Convince me, one way or another!


Dismiss that which insults your soul

Dismiss that which insults your soul

Walt-Whitman INSERTA lot of times, when I lie awake late at night thinking, it seems like life has a lot more questions than answers. On the other hand, sometimes during the day time, when I listen to (or read from the writings of) those around me, it often seems the other way around, that I am being offered a Hell of a lot more answers, than I have questions. Have you ever thought about that?

When I get to mulling over all of the answers to life's questions that people are offering up to me — people like advertising persons and church people and lawyers and politicians and such —  a lot of these "answers" (most?) seem to me to be pretty obviously……………………………………

Indiana Gay Marriage

Here are the simple facts about Indiana gay marriage or any other state's gay marriage. As a democracy, we are governed by laws and guided by our US CONSTITUTION. Under the 14th AMENDMENT to the US Constitution, all citizens of the US are guaranteed ……….

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