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Ordinary people work all of their lives to accumulate some savings in certificates of deposit with banks. The Fed controls the interest rate people receive on those CD’s. The job of the Fed is ……………. 

What’s WORSE than Trump?

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

I was fairly comfortable that Donald Trump had about burned himself out. And, that the world would return to normal after Trump gets dealt a humiliating defeat in his bid for reelection in 2020. Then a close friend dropped by for coffee this afternoon. This anonymous friend is the most politically savvy person I know, and they gave me reason to be fearful.

What’s WORSE than Trump?  What IF, this nightmare scenario were to play out: Trump is not impeached and convicted, but he actually finishes out his term. That could easily happen, but here’s the scary part. What if  Trump,  still being President in 2019,  voluntarily steps aside in favor of Mike Pence as the GOP candidate? That is the ONE way, that the Republicans could hold onto the White House in 2020, without a bloody primary.  And, I’m sure the GOP has this idea in mind, if Trump survives in office until 2019.

You will notice Pence is laying low and not having his picture taken with Trump. If Pence ran instead of Trump, and Trump campaigned for him, you would have an even larger merger of the “in it for the money Republicans” with the “God wants us to do this” Republicans.  If Trump survives until then and cooperates with his party, this nightmare could happen

Pence is even more dangerous and destructive of democracy than Trump. Trump has no core beliefs, and can be reasoned with or at least politically intimidated. But, not Pence. Pence is a true believer. He is absolutely convinced, that God (his god) has chosen him to lead America out of the heathen wilderness and deliver us all into the arms of  Jesus. He believes that as surely as I believe water is wet. Pence is not a liar or a crook, he is worse, much worse. He is a religious fanatic of the first rank. Pence has zero doubt, that his god dictates instructions, right into his ear.

Part of the danger of Pence is, that he has a calm demeanor and takes a nice picture, when he is dressed up. If you didn’t know his history, you could easily think he is sane.

I pray for the health of Donald Trump, and if he can’t be impeached and convicted, I pray that he runs again in 2020. And, if Trump does run again, I will pull a Republican ballet in the primaries and vote for him at least once. Because, Trump is the one Republican, that ANY Democrat can beat in November 2020.

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana



Trump a stable genius

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

Well, we can all relax and stop worrying about the future of America now. Trump has disclosed, that he is in fact a STABLE GENIUS.

I feel much better now. Don’t you?  I just wish he would have clarified whether or not Congressman Larry Bucshon and Roy Moore are stable geniuses too? I sometimes worry about those two.

For Trump to declare himself a stable genius is right out there in the ozone along with Richard Nixon saying he was “NOT A CROOK.”

Stop and ask yourself this, if any other world leader, declared themselves to be a stable genius, how do you think our CIA and other intelligence agencies would interpret that? Do you think they would accept it at face value? Or do you think, they would recognize it as a mentally unstable weak spot ripe for the exploitation?

Congressman Larry Bucshon and Senator Todd Young, know as well as anyone how much damage Trump is doing. Where in the Hell is their patriotism?

Ron Nesler New Harmony, Indiana

Kitticus Catticus Arattica Batticus

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

Well, the Republican have passed their billionaire tax cuts. Some say this will add up to $4 trillion to the national debt over the next decade. I am no economist, but I know that cutting Medicaid to give people like Larry Bucshon and Donald Trump a tax break is on shaky moral ground. Even my moral leper of a cat agrees with me on that.

Here is what one of the billionaire beneficiaries of the Trump tax cuts has to say.


Posted by Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

You are NOT powerless

Note to ordinary human Americans. You are NOT powerless. You are being lied to about that. And, lots of other stuff, too. America is in a huge culture war. The weapons are lies against truths, the stakes are all of the wealth of the planet, and the battlefield is YOUR opinions. The only way you can lose, is by doing what you are doing right now, being submissive and NOT opposing the lies.

To win, you just need to ……………………………………………

Republicans have gamed Indiana’s voting system

Let's be honest: Hoosier Republicans have GAMED INDIANA'S VOTING SYSTEMIt stinks morally, and, unless Trump manages to destroy the federal courts first, those federal courts are going to soon jerk a legal knot in the tail of the Hoosier GOP.

Everyone knows this, and anyone denying it is lying or incredibly stupid. I spent the better part of my life as a registered and active Republican. That was when both parties had their liberal wings, before the GOP was hijacked and perverted by the Tea Party and the evangelical churches. The political party that gave us Lincoln and Eisenhower, now tries to force phony evangelical con artists, such as Trump and Pence, down our throats. I won't buy it,  and I hope YOU won't either.




Ron Nesler, an old soldier, posting from New Harmony, Indiana

Hoosier GOP has gamed the voting system. The party that once produced Lincoln and Eisenhower, now offers us con artists like Trump and Pence


In New Harmony, Indiana we pay our taxes

Here in New Harmony, Indiana, we fulfil our military service obligations and pay our taxes. But, the Washington Post is reporting, that on at least one real estate deal, President Trump, our draft dodger in chief,  probably conspired to evade income taxes. Why am I not shocked? In the opinion of this old Vietnam war vet, a serial adulterer like Trump, who would dodge the draft during wartime, probably would not think twice about cheating on his income taxes. Here is the WASHINGTON POST ARTICLE , see what YOU think.

Posted from New Harmony, Indiana by Ron Nesler
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Todd Young, Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump and Ted Nugent


Senator Todd Young has voted YES on every one of the MANY versions of the ACA repeal legislation, offered up by Mitch McConnell. I would respect Senator Young more, if he drew the line SOMEWHERE on what he will vote YES on. If  you want to share YOUR opinions with him, his office numbers are   202-224-5623 in DC and – 317-226-6700 in Indy.


Donald Trump is out to get rid of AG Jeffrey Beauregard Davis Sessions. Not because Sessions is a miserable human being with KKK sympathies, which is true. But, because Sessions won't fire Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, who is putting heat on Trump by investigating Trump's hanky panky with the Russian Mafia. 


Trump has tweeted, that he will throw ALL transsexuals out of our military. This is so drastically evil, that LOTS of Republican Senators are speaking out against it. Even right wing extremists like Utah's Sen Orin Hatch and Alabama's Senator Richard Shelby aren't on board.


Trump is a Vietnam war draft dodger. He used every tool and privilege available to a billionaire's son to dodge the Vietnam draft. If being transgender would have helped him escape military service, both Trump his draft dodger pal Ted Nugent would have probably hired someone to sew a pair of testicles on to themselves.


I had a letter to the editor published in the Evansville Courier Press print edition on July 26th. I must have done well, because I got a drunken phone call from a foul mouthed Trump supporter, sputtering with rage. I love it!

Adios for now from Ron Nesler at the Ron Nesler Fish Camp and Gardening Complex in New Harmony, Indiana  

Trump? Good Grief, GOP !

democratic-party-2046Trump? Good Grief, GOP! 

I have been an independent voter all of my life. Voting for both Democrats and Republicans. That is over with. This Donald Trump ugliness has changed that. Trump is evil incarnate. He is a hateful racist bigot. He is un-American. He is a liar, a crook, a con man and a selfish bully.  Trump is an affront to everything good and decent about America.

I now have a plan! A plan I now have!

Ron IconI now have a plan!

This election has really thrown me for a loop. The problem being, that I don't believe either one of the two presidential candidates has any honest intentions to improve things for the ordinary people. I lean Democratic, but the DNC so obviously cheated Bernie Sanders out of the nomination, that it T'd me off at the Dems. I thought about voting for a third party candidate, but here in Red State Indiana, we are NOT able to cast a write in ballot. (Guess who made that rule?)  For awhile, I thought I would vote for Trump, as a protest against the Dems for nominating a puppet of the banks and corporations. But, then I would watch and listen to Trump, and it became obvious, that he is not only evil, but also totally unfit. He can't control his temper, doesn't understand the world or even the USA, refuses to do his homework, and can't even put a simple sentence together in the English language. What a mess! 

But, I now have a plan………………………………………………….


Another try at providing a clue for the Democratic Party.

For weeks, I have tried to write a message containing a clue for the Democratic Party. This early morning, it came to me in a dream, that I had not yet tried brevity and simplicity. Let me give those a whack, if I am so capable. Here is my simple and brief message to the Democratic Party.

Hello, Democratic Party? I approach as a friend. Here BELOW is a clue for the Democratic Party! ………………


This Trump Clinton election makes me ill. I usually vote for Democrats. But, this time around, I had decided to vote for Mr Trump as a protest vote. What I would be protesting is the …………………………………………………………

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